Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q - Is House Of Candy an Escort agency ?

    A - No ! We are absolutely not an Escort agency ! We are a Social Network & Escort Directory in One.
    We believe this is the perfect combination to Promote yourself,
    make new Local and International friends and meet new clients by referral.
    We provide advise and expertise about the industry and offer a platform for High Profile escorts.
    To unite, help and share the knowledge. And meet new High Class clients From all over the world !

  • Q- Can anybody become a member of house of Candy ?

    A- Yes anybody can become a member of House Of Candy,
    There are just a few criteria to be accepted. We want to keep the site Sexy but Clean and Classy.
    Professional pictures are a must.
    Please make sure you read and understand our
    Terms of service And Community Guidelines before you become a member.

  • Q - Whats the Difrence between a Candy Member or a Guest Member ?

    A - Candy Membership is for Escorts, Strippers or Club bunnies
    and will be visible in our international directory.
    Guests are not in our directory. and will not be publicly visible.
    There might be regular Clients who like to socialize with you.
    Club Owners, Model agencies, Video producers, you never know.

  • Q - What if i want to stay a bit more anonymous can i blur my eyes ?

    A- That's totally cool with us.
    In fact if you don't know how to blur your eyes on a picture. We are willing to help you with that.
    Just send us an email:

  • Q - I dont have a CreditCard Can i make a wire transfer ?

    A - If you don't have a credit card, it is still possible to become a member.
    Just send us an Email and tell us what kind of payment plan you like to take,
    and we send you the instructions on how to make a wire transfer.
    Just send us an email:

  • Q- What is the Difference between An Escort or A Prostitute ?

    A- Prostitutes earn their money solely for sexual favors, and having sex in exchange for money,
    and is by all means legitimate in most western countries.
    In contrast to prostitution, an escort is officially in a profession.
    It is accepted as a respectable business and there is a lot of money in it.
    An escort provides her client with companionship for a defined period.
    This makes it a completely legitimate business.
    Now it is true that an escort almost always has sex with her client,
    but there are cases where this doesn't happen.
    For more check this Article

  • Q- What countries have legal prostitution?

    A- It would be easier to ask which countries is it illegal in, that would be a very short list,
    But its legal in Most western counties like Europe, Most of South America. etc.
    with mainly the U.S. were consenting adult sexual rights are denied.
    Some coutries you may have to register
    as a sole trader and pay tax like in the Netherlands.
    For more check this Article

  • Q- So how do i supose to meet new clients ?

    A- People search for High profile escorts online.
    And its our job that the people can find us on the search engines.
    The difference between most National Escort Directories and House of candy is that,
    We are an Global Escort Directory and Social network in one !
    We also advertise, Give advice to beginners & Wright articles on our blog, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin,
    And all social media we think is important to target.
    We also introduce our High Class list to our members.
    We Believe the industry becomes more and more a
    "worth of mouth" and "helping each other out" industry.
    Also Girls tend to give each other a fair Commission or Referral fee.
    And share clients and network.
    Everything becomes more personal and more independent true
    Social media And Instant IM ( instant messaging )
    no more shady agencies.

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