Hi, my name is Cora Pearl,
I have been a model for more than 10 years.
And visited almost every continent, and have seen the most
Amazing counties and city's, from London to Dubai, from Vegas
To Paris, it has been an amazing ride!

During my exiting modeling career I met a lot of interesting people.
Celebrities, Actors, Singers, Rappers, politicians,
Princes of exotic countries and famous soccer players.

After a few years of being in a High class environment,
I realized that there was a great demand for high-class escorts,
So I started a small International Escort Agency With one of my best friends.

Now after 6 years running a successful International (Amsterdam Based)
High-Class Escort Agency. Its time to expand and take it to the next level !

We Believe the industry becomes more and more a "worth of mouth" and "helping each other out" industry.
Girls tend to give each other a fair Commission or Referral fee. Which we see as a positive development.
Everything becomes more personal and more independent true Social media and IM (instant messaging)

Navigating the Internet jungle has never been easy, local cheap escort directories And tacky back pages galore, full with bedroom seflies and not-so-well-informed girls

Now, don't get me wrong we have nothing against these girls
In fact we think it's important to provide all the new girls
(Who are willing to take this profession seriously) with all the necessary
Do's, don'ts tips & Tricks Manners and Etiquette to become a High-Class Girl

We are not promoting any one to become an escort
On the contrary we think this profession is definitely not for everyone.
But if you do consider to become a professional High-Class escort
You better be well informed and better be safe then sorry

My girls and me are working hard on our fabulous online Magazine as we speak
If you want to know more, go to our
Online HouseOfCandy Magazine and subscribe to our list

Escort Agencies and Travel Girls
There are plenty of local professional escort agencies out there, sure!
You just have to be carfull for the shady ones; there are no review sites for
Escort agencies that I know of, but I might be wrong.
So HouseOfCandy might become the place to be.

Escort agencies are always looking for new Professional girls and
The "Traveling High-Class girl" might be a big missed opportunity to
Create some extra revenue for agencies and vice versa there are plenty
Of girls traveling the world, and might be available to take some
Extra bookings while visiting your town or city.

Here at HouseOfCandy, as a traveling professional, you can change your
Profile location while traveling. So when people do a search in our Worldwide
Escort Directory, they can find you in the city that you are at that moment.
Also you can make an Announcement in the City Groups
So people know when you arrive.

The Escort Industry is under attack !
US Fed Law 2257: A Very Scary Scenario for US Escorts!
The US Escort industry in is under attack
by the US Federal Government and Local Law Enforcement
TheNationalBlacklist.com strongly advise escorts to
STOP Advertising on American Owned Websites and Directories
Read More>>

Fortunately most countries in the world it's perfectly legal the be an escort
Just don't forget to pay your tax. And stay out of trouble.
For those who live in a country where being an Escort is illegal, We strongly recommend to not breaking
any local laws! For more information read this article for the local laws in your country!
Read More>>

The oldest profession in the world is not going anywhere
And is definitely here to stay.

HouseOfCandy.com (Amsterdam Based)
Would like to take this opportunity to become a "safe haven" for all escorts around the world

Its time to come together as one community, we hope you enjoy your stay,

Stay Clean and classy!

Yours Sincerely,

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